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Voting is the most important aspect of a successful democracy. Bob needs you to show up to the polls on November 6th. Can we count on you to cast your ballot?

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Want to show your support in another way? Letters to the editor are a great way to build awareness around our campaign. The best letters are unique and honest, so aim to explain why Bob has earned your support in your own words.

For help writing your letter, here are some talking points.

  • Bob believes a good idea is a good idea, no matter who has it.
  • Bob supports the expansion of existing businesses and attracting new ones.
  • Bob believes in local control of our education system and in preparing our children for a lifetime of success, not just test-taking skills.
  • Bob believes we need to work WITH farmers to develop reasonable environmental policies and will fight to bring high speed internet infrastructure to the family farm.
  • Bob believes that senior citizens are a valuable resource to be honored by providing them with the resources they need to thrive, such as access and transportation to critical senior services.

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The News Journal
As Delaware’s largest newspaper, consider submitting your letter here. They accept short letters to the editor. Submit them here

Delaware State News
This Dover-based daily newspaper accepts short to medium-length letters to the editor via email. Email your letter to

Sussex Post
Serving the heart of Sussex County, the Sussex Post accepts letters online. Submit them here

Seaford Star
As a small newspaper serving Seaford, the Seaford Star is an excellent choice for Seaford residents. Send letters to

Laurel Star
This small Laurel Newspaper, accepts letters via email. Send letters to

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